This weeks special: Free speed-coach moments for the daily dips!

This week, to celebrate Life and to share my energy and Love I thought of this amazing weekly special in which I want to be there for You!

Anyone who has doubts or a troubled mind about something in their Life. Their Work life or their Love life or their Own-Self-I am-Nice & Important-but-have doubts about it-life!

If there is anything in your life right now that doesn’t feel right or frightens you? Something that you are insecure about and which you would love to tackle right away?

You can CALL or WRITE me about it All WEEK!! I will help you with my life experience, my knowledge as a nurse a personal development lover a nlp-practitioner and coach, and I do this for FREE.

Dates: Friday march 11th  till Friday march the 18th.

Hours:10-12.30 and 14-17  I am online for sure!! In between…pm me or check if my Skype is green! ohh and Monday is my free day :-)

Have a wonderful week and please check in with me as soon as something is bothering you!

Here follows a little list with examples of daily troubles in mind and heart:

  • I feel I need some time for myself but there is no space in my schedule/busy life.
  • My partner and I had a disagreement and I don’t know what to do now…I feel bad about it.
  • My work seems to want so much of me and I am afraid to set my boundaries.
  • I should go somewhere or do something which I really do not want.
  • I know this is not good for me…but I do it anyway… (to much eating/drinking/smoking/yelling etc…)
  • I feel a bad friend/sybling/daughter or partner…
  • my mind keeps telling me negative things about myself and or others…how can I make it stop and feel good about myself and/or others again?
  • I feel insecure about what I did or said.
  • I want to change a situation or habit but I don’t know how to start.
  • I feel guilty about something…and I don’t like that…how can I make it go away?

If anything sounds familiar…or you have another ‘thingy’ in your way of being happy…skype me!

With Love,



The Speed-Coach Experience, what is it exactly?

In my Life I have come across many challenging moments and feelings.

 Little things like:

  • Having a crucial conversation at work.
  • Being angry with a partner or a friend,
  • or having a difficult decision to make.

And sometimes just…

  • not knowing what I felt ,wanted to think and had do about a (complicated) situation I was in.

There were also Big things of course, such as:

  • How to feel about my parent’s divorce?
  • Or should I go traveling all by myself around the globe, and would it be worth the money? ?
  • Why do I want one thing and do another…which doesn’t really make me feel good?
  • Can I follow my heart and go Live on the other side of the world, or should I do what others may like and expect of me…and stay home where I have my job, family and friends??
  • Many questions about how friendships end or last long and why?

All this was worth sharing for me! Being guided through it, by friends or strangers, self-inquiry and coaches. They helped me so much on my way of becoming more of myself and daring to take my own choices and risks. Making myself happier with what was going on in that moment.

That is why I created the Speed-Coach Experience. For when you are troubled by something small or big…and you don’t know where to go with it?? Now You can reach out to me.

I will listen to you and your story! And maybe if you wish my help to help yourself, we make things a bit more clear, lighter on your emotional heart and easier to deal with in the moment!

You may send an email at:

You can ask me anything or just tell me something about your story!

Looking forward hearing from you!

Have a wonderful week!

Live and Love,


About Mette and her speed-coach experience…

Hello and a beautiful day to you!

My name is Mette, and my passions are (poetry-)writing, Life- and Speed-Coaching, collecting (life’s) knowledge and creating Love.

My Passion is to learn about  Life and Live & Love all the creations we bring forth.

On this website you will find information about me, my ideas and what I can do for you!

Speed-coaching is for me thé way to express my strenghts and help you to live yours!

If you are interested please check the rest of my website or message me.


Hope we speak soon!